Thursday, July 7, 2011

DIY Unity Candle

Hello friends! I wanted to share a little DIY project I did somewhat recently. My friend and colleague, Sara, is getting married this fall and I made her a unity candle. I also made one for my wedding which was FIVE YEARS AGO this month! Crazy!

It's a SUPER simple project.

This is what the finished project looked like

It will fit in a candle holder like this one

Here's a little closer

And the monogram. I LOVE monograms!

So like I said, this is a very easy project.

You just need:
White Pillar Candle
2 White Taper Candles
1 Sheet of Vellum Paper

I made the monogram in Powerpoint and printed it on the vellum. Then just cut it so it fits the candle how you like it. I attached it to the candle with scrapbooking adhesive. Then add your ribbon to cover the top and bottom edge of the vellum and around the taper candles if you like (I just used some glue to do that).

I couldn't find any good pictures of the unity candle I made for my own wedding but here is one of us lighting it.

I also made a memory candle for my Grandpa the same way.

What are you DIYing lately?

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  1. The ink stays on the vellum ok? I tried printing on vellum once and it all rubbed off. I don't know if my kids are using unity candles for sure, Alyssa is talking about doing a sand ceremony. But I think Josh and Caitlin are doing a unity candle. I'd love to make one for them!

    And my DIY, flower arrangements for Alyssa's wedding