Thursday, September 1, 2011

29 Weeks

I'm 29 weeks pregnant with the twins!

This post is a little late - I try to do them on Tuesdays when I change weeks. However, this past Tuesday was a little bit of a disaster. I got my hair cut and I HATED it which resulted in me crying pretty much all afternoon and evening. Let me start my saying that the girl that cuts my hair is generally AMAZING. I have been going to her for probably close to 10 years now and I have NEVER had a been experience. We apparently were not on the same page this time. I actually love the length but for some reason she decided to cut 43,000 layers in my hair and then straightened it straight as a pin which resulted in a very "emo" look. Sort of like this:

So the next day I straightened it but flipped the ends under a little with my chi. The result was Nancy Grace. Literally, people probably thought I was her.

My face probably looked like that too.

Well today I wore it curly and I actually think it looks alright. And wearing my hair curly is the easiest way to go so that's a plus. No more crying over cut hair.

I would like to say that I am generally not this ridiculously emotional. I blame it all on the pregnancy hormones.

In other pregnancy related news, the stretch marks have arrived! I swear they popped up over night. One day I had none, the next day I had many. They are all on the underside of my belly and I'm HOPING they will shrink up and be less red eventually. Bio Oil is my friend right now. It also helps with the extreme itching. At this point my belly is getting rather large, especially on the bottom. It literally sits on my lap. I can't close my legs because it's in the way. I hope you don't mind the graphic one said this would be pretty! But at least I'm not including pictures...

Anywho, about the babes! I am switching to The Bump for info on weights and such because they seem to be closer in line with the size of our babies. Now they weigh 2.5lbs to 3.8lbs. They are 15.2in to 16.7in long. They are continuing to "plump up" and put on more fat.

I'm definitely feeling their increased weight (and they have a long way to go)! I feel very sore everywhere. My knees, belly, back, and hips hurt. Obviously I would do it for nine extra months if I needed to - it'll be SO worth it in the end - but I'm glad I don't have to! Aren't elephants pregnant for like two years? Yep, I just wiki'd it. Elephant gestation is 22 months and their babies weight 230 pounds! I'll quit whining now.

My reduced work hours are really helpful. I have WAY more contractions when I'm at work so being there less is great. I am looking forward to a FOUR day weekend coming up. I am planning to go the the Des Moines Moms of Multiples Garage Sale on Friday evening. I'm hoping to find some good deals on a couple bigger items we still need. I have a bridal shower to attend Saturday and of course the Iowa game. My mom is going to help me make some freezer meals this weekend to put in my NEW deep freeze she and my dad got me for my birthday. Who would ever have thought I would be so excited to get a freezer for my birthday!?

What are you doing this weekend? I hope you all have a great Friday and a fabulous Labor Day weekend!

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  1. The hair cut is so cute with your curls!!! I would kill for some curls like your’s!! You’re a super cute pregger!!! I hope you find some time to relax on your four day weekend. Enjoy the shopping too, I love to shop for babies when all my friends were having babies. Next month I get to make a friend of mine a diaper cake. I’ve never made one of those before but I’m sure I’ll be able to figure it out.

    Anyways, don’t stress out about the hair cut. Its super cute! And if your still not loving it, I hear that prenatals make your hair and nails grow fast.