Thursday, September 8, 2011

30 Weeks

I'm 30 weeks pregnant with Ben and Ainsley!

Things are going pretty well. All the contractions I have cause me to have a lot of anxiety but apparently having 30 contractions in 8 hours at work is NBD. NBD is No Big Deal for those of you not up on the lingo. I guess I should clarify that it's not a problem to my OB's office since the babies don't seem to be coming out in the next week or two. It is a big deal to me and I about have a nervous breakdown when this happens, but no one else seems too concerned. I am interested to know anyones experience with preterm contractions. Am I totally overreacting about having this many contractions? It's okay to say 'yes.' I tend to overreact about a lot of things.

Moving on, that four day weekend I mentioned - FABULOUS! First of all I did NOT go to the Moms of Multiples Garage Sale - it wasn't last weekend. It is actually September 23rd and 24th. Thanks, Sabrina for saving me from driving there to find that out! Unfortunately, I have to work that weekend so I'll be sending Jeremy to check it out - bummer (probably for both me and him). Sunday my mom and grandma came up and we made LOTS of freezer meals. We now have Chicken & Noodles, Baked Ziti, Chicken Chili, Chicken Spaghetti, Ranch Burgers, and Chicken Enchiladas for when the babies arrive. We just have to try not to eat it before then - it all looks so good!

We also went to visit the newest member of my family - my cousin Joe and Jeannie's baby boy, Cooper! He is so stinking cute!

I also got some headbands with flower clips on Amazon for Ainsley. They were $25 for THIRTEEN of these headbands AND flowers. And the seller actually included a 14th one for free. I thought this was a great deal. I had Jeremy model for us.

So that's what is happening this week. Hoping for seven more weeks before they're born. Keep cooking babies!

Hope you all are having a great week!


  1. It must have felt wonderful welcoming the new family member knowing that you are less then 10 weeks away from welcoming babies of your own. I know how hard it was for you for a long while to be completely happy for others when you were struggling. What a relief it must have been to be able to just enjoy the new baby!

  2. I started having contractions around 20 weeks with my first and 20-something weeks with my second. I would have them ALL DAY LONG - sometimes 4-5 minutes apart. And when I would exercise or have to go to the bathroom, they would be non-stop. I was worried at first (both pregnancies) but then just got used to them. Good luck!

  3. The whole freezer meal thing is a GREAT idea!