Friday, November 2, 2012

Twelve Months

It is hard to believe Ainsley and Benson are 12 months old!  And they are actually 12 months and 3 weeks - we're a little late with this post!

Ainsley - I can't believe you are a YEAR OLD!  You are growing up so much.  You are all over the place and into everything.  Your favorite things to try to get into are the pantry and the dog's food & water dish.  You are not very good at listening and when we tell you "no" you usually pause and smile, then go back to whatever you were doing.  We have to "redirect" you a lot.

You eat great!  You like almost everything.  You LOVE mandarin oranges and have recently tried macaroni and cheese and liked it.  You are NOT a neat eater.  You shovel food in your mouth like someone might take it away.  You also have a thing for rubbing your dirty, food covered hands all over your face and hair.  You recently discovered the food that falls in your bib pocket and have eaten out of it - too funny!

You transitioned to milk like a pro.  You still drink a bottle in the morning when you wake up and at night when you go to bed.  You do great with your sippy cup but haven't figured out how to work a straw yet.  You have however, figured out how to squeeze the milk out of the spout on the "spill proof" sippy cup and use it to paint on your highchair tray - clever girl!

We love your laugh and you can be a pretty silly little girl.  You also have become more lovey lately.  You like to be held more and will just snuggle - you used to be too busy for that and we love that you'll snuggle now.  You've also started hugging when we pick you up from daycare.  You'll just put your arms up and when we pick you up you put your arms around our neck and put your head on our shoulder - so sweet!

Benson - You are ONE year old! You are such a big boy!  You are definitely bigger that your sister, both in weight and height.  You are so sweet and smiley.  You get pretty excited with your "good hand" and like to bang on things and make noise.  We have nicknamed you Bam Bam because you're always banging away.  Sometimes you like to bang on whoever is holding you and you are getting strong so we are working on nice touches.

You are doing so great at feeding yourself!  You are a much neater eater than your sister.  You are very precise and don't make much of a mess at all.  You are a little more picky about what you eat.  You were not a big fan of macaroni and cheese though you also LOVE mandarin oranges.  Goldfish crackers are also a favorite of yours.

You weren't very excited about switching from formula to whole milk.  We are actually still working on transitioning your two bottles to all milk.  You do well with your sippy cup of milk during the day though.  You have to have a little help since it is hard to tip up so far with only one hand.  Hopefully you'll figure out how to use a straw soon because that seems like it will be easier to use with one hand.

You are doing great at sitting and you roll ALL OVER!  Sometimes you seem just to roll for rolling sake.  You'll go from back to belly to back to belly without going anywhere - I think you just like to do it!  You are so funny and ticklish and laugh all the time which is so adorable!

We love you both more than words can ever say!

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