Monday, November 12, 2012

Thirteen Months

Wow!  Ben and Ainsley are 13 months old!

I think I'm going to try to continue to due monthly updates through 18 months.

Ainsley - You aren't walking yet.  At least not on your feet.  You walk on your knees which is pretty darn adorable.  You are also super fast at crawling, especially if you are headed somewhere you shouldn't be.  You can climb the stairs now and you think that's super fun.  You are quite the climber!  You try to climb on anything you can.  You can climb on our chairs and I've caught you trying to climb onto the built-in bookcases as well as the stands by the tv.  You love to play on your bouncy turtle and you get in trouble for being up on your knees on it instead of sitting on your bottom like you're supposed to.  You are babbling a lot more lately and we always wonder what you are trying to say.  You are also big into pointing.

Her favorite toy right now!

Ben - you are making great progress!  You never fall over when your sitting now unless you do it on purpose.  You aren't quite sure how to get from sitting to laying down gracefully so you kind of just plop over but you are pretty pro at it in your own way.  Even if you decide to lay down backward you pull your head forward so you don't hit it on the floor.  You just started rotating yourself around too if you are sitting.  Twice this weekend I caught you feeling things (the couch and Dad's face) with your left hand!  That is a huge step for you and it brought tears to my eyes to see it!  You finally popped a top tooth through so you now have three teeth!  You are hit and miss right now with sleeping.  Sometimes you do great and sleep all night and other times you are up and ready to talk in the middle of the night.  

My Mom and Grandma Betty got Ben this walker for his birthday hoping he might use it to be more mobile.  He hasn't figured out how to make it go yet but Ainsley likes to push him around in it.  This is the best video I have so far.  

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