Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Baseline Ultrasound Today

This morning was the baseline ultrasound and bloodwork. The ultrasound went fine - uterine lining was thin and ovaries were "quiet." Bloodwork must have turned out okay because the office didn't call. The nurse said they would only call if there were any changes we needed to make. Other than that I just need to train my veins to behave a little better - they always have the darndest time drawing my blood and it is going to be a fairly common occurence over the next couple weeks. The lab director who drew my blood today suggested I try drinking some water before I come in next time to make sure I'm hydrated...we'll see how that works. I'm willing to try anything to not have bruises on both arms!

We start stimulation injections next Monday - 3 shots a day - woohoo :-/ And I say "we" but really Jeremy just watches and I personally feel he is a little too excited about all these injections I have to give myself...

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