Monday, December 28, 2009

Good News Followed By Not So Good News

We had an ultrasound and bloodwork today and were ecstatic afterwards - the ultrasound looked great, lots of big eggs. We were told retrieval on Wednesday morning. Given instructions to stop all the injections I was on and do the Ovidrel injections tonight at 10pm to mature the eggs for the retrieval. So looked like everything was good, we were super excited, I even did a little jumping up and down dance because things were working like they are supposed to.

Then about noon the doctor's office calls and says there is "a little change of plans." My estradiol level was 5600 today. It was around 2000 on Saturday. Anything over 5000 puts me at high risk for OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome). So the doctor wants me to "coast" for a day. That means another Lupron shot tonight, back into the office tomorrow morning for another estradiol level. If it goes down or at least stays the same we could do a retrieval on Thursday. If it goes up a little bit we could "coast" another day. If it goes up a lot the whole cycle could be cancelled.

Surprisingly I don't feel like crying - which I've done my fair share of lately with the crazy hormones. I am feeling resigned to the fact that nothing goes well for us, everything has to be difficult, and I shouldn't have let myself get my hopes up in the first place. Pity party for me. Maybe a nap will help my attitude...


  1. We are praying like crazy that you can still use this cycle. I know it's hard but stay positive. Sending good sticky vibes your way!!

  2. Reanna, you are never far from my thoughts these days and you are in my prayers constantly. I will continue to pray for peace and comfort for you and jeremy as well as for quick sticky vibes for those eggs!