Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Better Tonight!

My belly was VERY sore today...like unbotton my jeans sore :( So I called the doctor's office and one of the nurses called my back and said that it is common with this drug to have lots of reddness, swelling, soreness at the injections site. She also said to make sure I inject it at least an inch away from my belly button. So tonight I did it further away from the belly button and it went alot better!

All in all, second day of stims done, no ovary pain yet, pretty sore, a little bruised (battle scars I like to think), occasionally emotional.

The top picture is all my used syringes - and yes, they told us to put them in a soda bottle. The second picture is all my drugs ;) I have a tupperware container for them there are so many!

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  1. Reanna- What a great blog! Congrats on your new journey, I will be praying and cheering on your eggs in blog world (and real life too!) May it be a quick and healthy process for all of you!
    Sticky Baby Vibes & Prayers!