Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Day 2 of CI Therapy

Well I guess Ben feels at home.  We had a special visitor today - a therapy dog - and when he was asked where he was from he said, "I'm from Alabama!" 

Today was the first real day of therapy where we worked hard for about 3 hours and Miss Jane and I pushed Ben to do things he's never been asked to do before.  It was amazing when they put the cast on how almost instantly the left hand starts to do more.  Now don't let me fool you, the right hand still wants to do ALL the work.  We have to "park it in the garage" aka tie it down so it isn't just automatically doing the work. 

He built these peg towers with his left hand, with help.  We are doing lots of hand-over-hand right now which means Miss Jane puts her hand on his hand to guide him to do the activity or motion she wants to see.  This is how I'm working with him at night and feeding him now too. 

We had our first meltdown at therapy today.  He wanted to eat his snack like a puppy.  He can't feed himself with his left hand so he likes to eat like a puppy and just pick the food up with his mouth.  He's adaptive for sure!  Of course Miss Jane said he was not allowed to eat like a puppy and that led to an epic meltdown but we established who was in charge and that Miss Jane and I were in agreement and want what's best for him and guess who ate their granola bar with lefty (with help)?  Yep, Ben!

In a show of solidarity Ainsley decided to try on Ben's other cast.  Also, FYI, this is her picture taking spot and she can't take a picture these days without making a silly face.  

We found a fantastic park after nap time and I *really* don't mean to rub it in but we played outside with just sweatshirts in January!  It was fabulous! 

A picnic might be in order tomorrow!  Have a good night y'all! 

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  1. Great Job Ben!!

    And don't feel so smug, I was outside the last two days with no coat at all and a short sleeved shirt, so bleh! Lol