Thursday, January 29, 2015

Day 9

Today was a FUN day at therapy!  There is another little boy doing CI therapy at the same time as Ben and they have had lots of fun playing together.  They got to see another therapy dog together today.  They really enjoy playing together and seem to prompt each other to do better.  It doesn't seem like competition though.  They are both twins and their twin sisters don't have the same difficulties they face so I think they are enjoying sharing this unique bond. 

I'm so sad I didn't get a good picture of R (Ben's friend) smiling because he has THE best smile that will brighten anyone's day!  They also make a great team because Ben's cast is on his right hand and R's is on his left.  This is R's third time doing CI therapy at Children's of Alabama and he has made amazing strides!  Tomorrow is his last day since when you do the "refresher course" it's only two weeks.  We're sure going to miss him!  Oh, and they both have Scooby Doo on their orthotics - they were MEANT to be friends.  God definitely brought them together. 

After they got to see the therapy dog they finger painted together. 
He looks thrilled doesn't he?  Haha.  He really did enjoy it, he just wasn't excited about mom trying to take a picture.  Snack time was next so he was all, "get on with it already."  P.S.  I had to step out during the finger painting because I was literally about to have an anxiety attack...heart was beating fast...rapid breathing...luckily Miss Jane totally understood.  I can handle messes like this is I'm prepared for them but I wasn't mentally prepared I guess.  Or something.  I don't know.  Please tell me I'm not alone and someone else has had a near-anxiety attack related to finger painting. 

Ben and I had a pretty chill evening and went to a movie!  We saw Strange Magic.  It got TERRIBLE reviews but we liked it.  It reminded me of Rock of Ages but an animated version and for kids.  You could sing along.  Ben enjoyed it.  There were a couple kind of scary parts but he did really well.  And yes, we ate popcorn for supper.  Don't forget to vote for me for Mom of the Year. 

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