Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Day 3

We are getting into the routine of therapy.  We know what to do when we arrive and what to expect.  Ben usually tells Miss Jane he wants to do puzzles first, she calls it child directed therapy - ha!  Miss Jane has tons and TONS of awesome toys and therapy games and objects.  Today we built a robot with all kinds of magnetic objects.

We did puzzles, read a book where Ben turned the pages with his left hand, and made a card for Grandma Barb using lefty and co-flex tape to assist holding the markers. We got to take theraputty home to play with tonight and we practiced holding a ball in lefty for 5 seconds.  We also got to take home Miss Jane's "magic wand" which is a magnetic wand that we used to practice picking up small magnetic objects by flexing and turning our wrist.  

We had our picnic at the park and played and then stopped for cupcakes to eat later.  These are from Dreamcakes and they were just as good as they look!  Caramel Sea Salt Mocha...I die. 

For dinner we tried Saw's BBQ which has been featured in Paula Deen's magazine.  Ah-mazing.  I had a stuffed tater which is a gigantic baked potato stuffed with BBQ chicken, bacon and green onions.  Oh my Lawd. 

So...I'll just be looking at real estate down here ;)  Have a good night y'all! 

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