Monday, January 19, 2015

Initiation (Day 1 of CI Therapy)

Well first off, Siri failed us.  Again.  She navigated us to an alley of dumpsters.  No lie.  Luckily it was across the street from Children's on 3rd where we go for therapy so we were able to use our common sense and drive across the street (with a little creative driving and some U-turns).

So our therapist is Miss Jane and she is AMAZING!  She has been doing this since before I was born so she knows her stuff and she's also worked in multiple other areas of healthcare including the NICU, a burn unit, and pediatric psychiatric in-patient unit. 

Miss Ainsley joined us today at therapy and joined us for parts and hung out with grandma other times (aka when she was having a meltdown).  I think ultimately we'll have grandma and Ainsley drop us off at therapy while they are here with us and they can find something fun to do for awhile and then maybe join us for the last half hour or so.

Ben was a ROCKSTAR getting his casts made.  He got two and he chose red and blue.  He didn't cry AT ALL!

He has to wear this ALL. THE. TIME.  Twenty-four hours a day.  It's removable so we can take it off to check his skin and to take a bath.  But that's it.  He also has a contraption that ties around his waist to keep the arm down so he's not swinging that cast all over and really limits the mobility.  I realize this may sound like torture but lots of kids have survived it ;)

Ben did great the entire time at therapy and didn't cry or have any meltdowns at all while we were there.  Once we got back to our hotel and he realized I really wasn't going to take this cast off he kind of freaked.  Any task is nearly impossible.  He can't feed himself.  He can't play with toys.  He can't pick up a cup and drink.  It's harder to catch himself if he falls.  He's lost his independence.  And he's understandably frustrated.

Here's a video of him eating goldfish.  I told him he can't say "I can't" but he can say "it's hard" or "I need help" so he quickly learned how to get the goldfish.

We got outside after a nap and got some fresh air which seemed to help.

We have to go get our nightly homework done!  Y'all have a good night!

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