Sunday, January 25, 2015

Our Weekend

We started with a relaxing Friday night and stayed in.  We just played in the room, watched movies and hung out - super relaxing!  Ben practiced his yogurt eating again.

This was the picture retake by the way because the first picture I took wasn't satisfactory and he didn't have his head tilted just right when I showed it to him.  Haha!  He is such a character.

We had gotten some craft supplies at the Dollar Tree so we had a little craft time Friday night too.

Saturday morning was pretty lazy but in the afternoon we went to McWane science center which was super fun!  We all get in free because Ben is a patient at Children's of Alabama which is totally awesome.  We didn't see even half of the things there and spent over two hours.  The kids LOVED the water areas.  They even have an aquarium area with small sharks and stingrays that you can touch!  I touched a shark, Ben wasn't so much interested in putting his hands in there, and Ainsley almost got kissed by a stingray!

The science center was a ton of fun...until the very end.  Then things got ugly.  You all know I'm not one to sugar coat things.  As we were leaving I wanted to stop in the gift shop.  Miss Jane had a toy she used in therapy she said she had gotten in the gift shop there that I wanted to look for.  Ainsley spotted the rocks.  You know the ones where you fill the little velvet bag with the smooth rocks.  it was $5 for a bag of rocks.  Fine, no problem.  Great souvenir.  I figured they could both put some rocks in the bag, awesomesauce.  Well, Ainsley shoved the bag full of rocks and it was overflowing.  We told her she had to take some out so the the bag would close.  Commence epic meltdown.  Kicking, screaming, sobbing tantrum.  Mind you, she was still getting the rocks, she just had to take a couple out so the bag would close and I reminded her of this.  However, meltdown continues.  At this point, clearly, no one is getting any damn rocks and I ask my mom to take the kids out of the store so and I go to purchase the item I came in for that the therapist had.  As only threenagers can, Ainsley wills her bones to turn to jelly and flops to the floor, my mom literally drags her out of the store hold Ben's hand in her other hand and kicking Ainsley's sweatshirt as she goes because Ainsley has thrown it down and for some unknown reason God has not yet seen it fit to give mother's a third arm.

I finish paying.  Grab Ainsley and march to the elevator and up to the parking garage.  She screams bloody murder ALL. THE. WAY.  We finally get to the car and she executes the classic back-arching maneuver rendering me unable to buckle her into the car seat.  I pick her up, reposition her, and go to buckle her in again.  Back-arching maneuver again.  Third attempt.  Foiled again.  She has been warned of an imminent spanking and at this point she gets popped on the behind.  Finally, I manage to get her strapped into the car seat.  I get in the car where my mom and Ben are waiting, buckle up, put it in reverse...and back straight into a cement pole.

First thing Ainsley says, "Mom!  That scared me!"  Like I did it intentionally!  It was a good thing I couldn't reach her.   I was upset about it but it's just a car and it's just $500 for the deductible.  Right?  Just say right.

Today, Sunday, we went to Aldridge Botanicle Gardens and walked around - it was SO beautiful!

The kids got to feed the ducks and fish.

Behavior has been much improved today and mommy hasn't wrecked the car any more so I think we can call it a win!  Hope y'all had a good weekend (and didn't wreck you're car)!

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  1. oh my goodness....bless your heart. I totally understand. It's hard. It's nice to know that our little girl isn't the only one who has those embarassing fits and throws herself around on the floor....screams....cries....whatever she can possibly do to get the whole family in a bad mood. Is it a girl thinig? Maybe because their twins?! Geezzzz....I don't know. I pray everyday that her attitude will change. I think the only time she's happy is when she first wakes up...and then it's on. The WHOLE day. She has gotten better....but we still need some improvement. So...if it makes you feel any better....I understand!!!!!! No wonder you ran into a pole. :/