Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Day 7

Today started early and we took Grandma Barb and Ainsley to the airport.  They arrived back in Iowa safe and sound and Grandma reported Ainsley was very well behaved on her first plane ride. 

We were able to get  back to the hotel, eat breakfast and get to therapy on time!  Yay!  Therapy was a little rough today.  Ben was upset not because his sister was leaving but because he didn't get to go on an airplane too.  He was rather tired from an early morning and an unusual routine.  We did get some good work done with eating finger foods though.  He also showed Miss Jane how he's getting really good at throwing the ball!

This was us practicing tonight

Right now we are watching some Dennis the Menace with his earned movie time and as soon as I finish typing he'll be getting a little arm massage to help loosen up his arm and help with supination.  

Hope everybody had a great day!

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