Friday, January 23, 2015

Day 5

We wrapped up week 1 of therapy today and there were definitely highs and lows.  Miss Jane and I are working together on some behavior issues that can limit the quantity and quality of therapy Ben gets done.  He's struggling to listen to directions the first time they are given and to understand that Miss Jane is the ONE person in charge, not mommy.  He seems to think I'm going to "rescue him" from what he's being asked to do.  We are getting a lot of "I can't" or "Mommy, help me" on things we *know* he can do independently or with a very small amount of help.  We don't let him struggle and struggle but we do make him try.  As a general rule at this point we are making him try three times and then we help.  However, he's having moments where he refuses to try at all.  Miss Jane has talked about how sometimes kids are afraid of failure and don't want to try because they don't want to fail.  So when we does succeed we scream and shout and hoop and holler.  :) 

Today we had a tremendous meltdown about refusing to try to eat his yogurt independently but we "stuck to our guns" and here's what happened:

I mean...I can't even.  Tears y'all.  This is big.  And he was SO proud!  He asked to watch this video of himself over and over and over again. 

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