Thursday, January 22, 2015

Day 4

Day 4 of therapy was a GOOD day.  No meltdowns and Ben did lots of great work.  He pushed an age-appropriate button (which just means it was on a toy and it was large) independently and he pulled therapy putty exactly how Miss Jane wanted TEN TIMES!  She nearly cried she was so impressed!

He *finally* let grandma help him eat today.  He's been very adamant about only mommy helping him with that until this point for some reason.  He even said he wanted to use Lefty to help! 

It was cooler and rainy today so no park for us today but we did go out to Steel City Pops which is a local popsicle shop which sounds kind of strange if you're from Iowa but they are not like regular popsicles; they are really creamy, more like ice cream in a popsicle but doesn't melt as fast and a different texture.  Difficult to explain but they were amazing.  My mom and Ainsley had Blueberry Cream, I had Vanilla Bean and Ben had Peanut Butter.  They said the Buttermilk tastes like cheesecake.  I *really* wish these were in Iowa.

Part of our homework tonight was working with therapy putty.  We also got to practice throwing balls.  We picked up some craft stuff at the Dollar Tree to do this weekend too.

I can't believe tomorrow is Friday and we'll have one week done already!  This is flying by! 

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